Progress Report: February - June 2014

Progress Report: February - June 2014

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Progress Report

During this reporting quarter (February 2014 – 15 June 2014), the research team:

  • Held a Start Up Meeting during 3–5 March at the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE) in Amman, Jordan. The meeting included representatives of NCARE; the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA); Sultan Qaboos University (SQU); Sana’a University; the National Institute of Rural Engineering, Water and Forests (INRGREF); ICT International; FABRI; and USAID. Participants discussed the workplan and how best to time and coordinate research activities. Ghazi Abu Rumman and Peter Cull, with ICT International, presented an installment demonstration for the stem psychrometer and sap flow meter, the two instruments that will be used to monitor plant moisture. On the final day of the meeting, some participants met with Saad Abu Hammour, Secretary General of the Jordan Valley Authority (JVA), and briefed him on the research project. The Secretary General agreed to support and promote the project with water user associations.
  • Began to set-up technology platforms and field experiments. To date, only ICBA has procured and received the research equipment. The procurement process is still in progress at the other institutions. At ICBA, the technology platform consists of three components:
  1. An open field with irrigation water quantity, salinity, and timing under the monitoring and control of an automated system (SCADA). Irrigation is primarily drip.
  2. A hydroponic greenhouse facility with both cooled and non-cooled structures. This is currently under construction and near completion.
  3. Date palm sap flow and soil water content monitoring. This is already in progress, using various technologies in addition to the one introduced for this project (soil and in-plant TDR).
    The data generated by the weather station is shared on ICBA’s website. Daily data on minimum and maximum air temperatures and relative humidities, average wind speed, total solar radiation, and rain are provided, as well as calculated ETo and graphs of weekly and year-to-date data.​
  • Identified and engaged with farmer communities and extension services. The team identified agribusinesses in UAE (four), Oman (six), and Jordan (nine).
  • Began to develop training programs with extension services.

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-        Socioeconomic survey conducted in order to describe the key irrigated farming systems, farm typology and business profiles in 17 farms located in 11 agro-ecological zones (16 geographic locations).

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NCARE Deir-Alla Regional Center in the Jordan Valley.

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