New Report Provides Sneak Peek into Progress of Research Grants

Updated Date: 
28 March 2016

Impact can be tough to measure in research and development projects, but one of the best ways to show impact is to share results and stories along the way.

For that reason, the MENA NWC has produced a working paper—MENA NWC Excellence and Impact of Research—that provides readers with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the status of the research projects so far.

In addition to sharing preliminary results, the paper summaries all 24 papers about the Center’s priority technical areas: water efficiency and productivity, groundwater, non-conventional water, water supply and sanitation, and water-energy-food nexus.

A second version will be released upon the completion of the ongoing MENA NWC-funded projects. The working paper aims to share the knowledge gained through the Network’s current research initiatives and also to act as a marketing document to promote investment for the Network’s future activities.