Progress Report: July - September 2014

Progress Report: July - September 2014

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Progress Report

During this reporting quarter, the research team:

  • Continued procuring research equipment. At of the end of the quarter, the National Center for Agriultural Research and Extension (NCARE), Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), and th International Center for Biosaline Research (ICBA) received the equipment. Procurement at the National Research Institute for Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry (INRGREF) continues. In Oman, the equipment is installed on three different irrigation platforms: traditional surface irrigation (falaj), modern pressurized irrigation, and greenhouse production. In UAE, the technology platform at ICBA is almost complete. The platform for assessing date palm water requirements is operational, and the new hydroponic greenhouse complex has been completed and will be used to produce cherry tomato and pepper crops during the coming winter season. Also, a weather station, installed on a farm at Gayathi in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi with the same equipment as in the other centers, will be used to expand the network. Weather data is already being shared on the ICBA website.
  • Began on-farm trials. In UAE, the Ministry of Environment and Water identified farmers for participation in the on-farm trials. The trials will be located in the Central region, in the vicinity of the experiment station at Al Dhaid.

In the upcoming quarter:

  • In Oman, SQU will host a technical workshop for farmers to demonstrate the research equipment and introduce them to the research project.
  • In Jordan, NCARE will install the weather station at Deir-Alla Regional Center in the Jordan Valley in an open field experiment. Capacity building events for trainees, stakeholders, farmers associations, and progressive farmers will be held, and there will be training for young scientists and technical staff in sensor/communication techniques and technology. In addition, field studies will begin on eight farms in the Jordan Valley that produce a range of crops. 
  • In Tunisia, INRGREF is still procuring the sensor equipment. Once the process is complete, the field equipment will be installed at two experiment stations and at the Technical Center for Potato and Artichoke. The two weather stations assigned to Tunisia also will be installed. During the implementation of the technology platform, training sessions on the use of the soil sensor technology for irrigation management will be organized for young scientists, technical staff, and farmers from the water use associations. Tunisia is not participating in the on-farm trial component of the project.


Research Results & Progress Reports

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During the reporting period, the research team:
-        Continued data collection from the field, including biophysical and crop management data, and sensor systems data.
-        Socioeconomic survey conducted in order to describe the key irrigated farming systems, farm typology and business profiles in 17 farms located in 11 agro-ecological zones (16 geographic locations).

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Progress Report: February - June 2014

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During this reporting quarter (February 2014 – 15 June 2014), the research team:

Components of ICBA's technology platform: Weather station (top left); SCADA controlled irrigation (top right), date palm water use and soil water balance (middle right), hydroponic greenhouse complex under construction (bottom).

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