Improving Economics of Using Saline Water in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas Through Integrated Aqua-Agriculture Systems (IAAS)

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Project Status: 
Start Date: 
29 September 2014
End Date: 
29 January 2016

Desalination systems are increasingly used to augment water supply in arid and semi-arid areas worldwide, but the safe disposal of brine remains a key environmental issue. This research project will set up and test a pilot-scale Integrated Aqua-Agriculture System (IAAS). Researchers will treat brackish groundwater using a reverse osmosis (RO) unit. The resulting freshwater will be used to irrigate crops, and the brine water will be used to irrigate salt-tolerant crops and for aquiculture. The performance, cost, and potential revenue from the IAAS will be evaluated for replication and scalability. 

Research Results and Progress Reports

Progress Report: Inception - December 2014

Posted: 26 January 2015 | Progress Report

During the reporting period, the research team: