Water Saving Toilet Flushing System

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Project Status: 
Start Date: 
24 September 2015
End Date: 
24 September 2015

Currently, there are many low flush toilet designs that are on the market, ranging from ultra-low flush toilets, to high efficiency toilets, to dual-flush toilets. These toilets all significantly decrease the number of gallons used per flush (4-6 liters/flush) when compared to a traditional toilet (13.2 liters/flush). While these current low flush technologies do decrease the liters of water per flush, they still require a significant amount of water.


This research project will develop a flush system that uses only 1 liter/flush, cutting liters per flush by 75%when compared to other low flush technologies. This low liter flush is achieved by applying air pressure directly above the water surface in the toilet bowl, which ejects the water contained in the toilet. This technology, once tested, will be installed in all of the bathrooms at JUST.