Cadi Ayyad University (UCA)

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MENA Research Center
Research Focus Areas: 
On-farm water-use efficiency and productivity
Water valuation and pricing
System-wide water use management and modeling
Rural water and sanitation/decentralized systems
Water service delivery
Climate change adaptation
Water utility financial sustainability
Brackish water
Water and wastewater treatment
Treated wastewater reuse
Energy efficiency and renewable energy
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Cadi Ayyad University (UCA), founded in 1978, is composed of 13 faculties and schools covering all scientific, technical, economic, legal, medical, and social sciences. It has campuses in four cities in Morocco: Marrakech, Safi, Essaouira, and Kelaa Sraghna. UCA has approximately 63,000 students, 1400 teachers and researchers, 850 administrative staff, and 600 foreign students representing about 50 nationalities. It maintains more than 400 partnerships with foreign universities and participates in numerous international cooperation programs, including European Union (EU) and non-EU funded projects.

Scientific research plays an important role in UCA activities. The University has three centers of doctoral studies, 64 accredited laboratories, and 82 accredited research teams. It has five research centers: National Centre for Studies and Research on Water and Energy, National Study Center for Research on Sahara, Mathematics Centre, Centre for Analysis and Characterization, and Museum of Natural History.

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