Knowledge Sharing

Developing and exchanging knowledge to translate research into action.

MENA NWC seeks to create and exchange knowledge in practical and useful ways.  The knowledge created, captured, and exchanged through MENA NWC’s policy, research, and development activities can result in major improvements in operational and management performance in the water sector in the region.  The Network closely monitors its own activities and those of its members to determine how research efforts translate into policy reform, and private sector and community outreach.

Knowledge development and exchange is woven through the Network’s programming:

Technical Communities are active groups that represent technical focal areas.  Together they work with Network leadership to develop that focal area’s research agenda, prioritize research topics and capacity development activities, and provide technical leadership at Network events and within Communities of Practice. 

Network Exchanges are virtual communities of practice that use an online discussion platform to share experiences, seek and offer assistance, form and challenge ideas, and discuss and refine approaches and practices.

The Clearinghouse is an online platform for publications, reports, and other written material that can be used by members to develop proposals, post findings, and raise the level of science and technology in the water sector in the region. 

Training and Capacity Development Activities draw on the various training capabilities within the Network’s membership base so as to not duplicate what exists, but rather to multiply its effectiveness to the benefit of all members.  

Tour of RO Desalination Plant in Jordan
Non-revenue water experts from utilities in Africa and the Middle East tour the As-Samara Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Jordan Valley, the largest wastewater treatment facility in Jordan.