An Najah National University (ANU), Water and Environmental Studies Institute (WESI)

Member Type: 
MENA Research Center
West Bank
Research Focus Areas: 
On-farm water-use efficiency and productivity
Water valuation and pricing
System-wide water use management and modeling
Artificial and natural groundwater recharge/discharge
Groundwater pollution and degradation
Groundwater socioeconomics and policy
Rural water and sanitation/decentralized systems
Water service delivery
Climate change adaptation
Water utility financial sustainability
Brackish water
Water and wastewater treatment
Treated wastewater reuse
Modeling the water/food/energy nexus
Energy efficiency and renewable energy
Community Interests: 
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The Water and Environmental Studies Institute (WESI) at An-Najah National University (ANU) was established in June 2001. WESI is a stand-alone facility that operates within an academic environment. It collaborates with government, private-sector, and international entities to address technical aspects of water and environmental issues through the provision of laboratories, computer facilities, and office space. Its research, education, and outreach efforts are funded through projects, research grants, and contracts.

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Director and Technical Lead

Scientists & Staff