Royal Scientific Society (RSS)

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MENA Research Center
Research Focus Areas: 
Artificial and natural groundwater recharge/discharge
Groundwater pollution and degradation
Groundwater socioeconomics and policy
Rural water and sanitation/decentralized systems
Climate change adaptation
Brackish water
Water and wastewater treatment
Treated wastewater reuse
Modeling the water/food/energy nexus
Energy efficiency and renewable energy
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The Royal Scientific Society (RSS), established in 1970, has become one of the largest applied research and technical support service providers in Jordan and a regional leader in the fields of science and technology. RSS provides expert testing services through more than 25 specialized locally and internationally accredited laboratories and offers a unique scientific resource and a wide range of project expertise to the public and private sectors. It is supported by more than 500 science specialists, researchers, technical support staff, and faculty.
RSS has several active centers. One of these, the Water and Environment (WE) Center, has been working throughout the last decade to provide national and international entities with technical consultations and research services related to the following environmental themes: water demand management, water quality assessment, reclaimed water reuse, real-time water quality monitoring, climate change, hazardous and solid waste management, bio-solids treatment, management and reuse, environmental risk assessment, and air quality assessment and management.

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