Arabic Seminar on “Treating, Recycling and Rationalizing of Water Consumption in Industry”

26 April 2016 to 28 April 2016
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The Technical Secretariat of the Arab Ministerial Water Council in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrial Development and Mining  will held the Arabic Seminar titled “Treating, Recycling and Rationalizing of Water Consumption in Industry” during April 26-28 at the League of Arab States General Secretariat.

The seminar will discuss topics related to: 1)Comprehensive management of water resources and curbing water pollution through legislation, laws and strategies, 2) Liquid industrial pollutants and the environmental and health risks of water used in industry and its impact on environment and water resources, 3) Newest technological techniques used to treat and recycle water in industry and barriers of treating water in industry, 4) Showcase successful and practical experiences of pioneer projects in the Arab World in the field of water treatment and recycling of industrial waste water.

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