Science & Knowledge for Advancing the 2030 SDGs- Workshop

Updated Date: 
26 May 2016

The MENA NWC is participating in a roundtable workshop on “Science and Knowledge for Advancing the 2030 SDGs in the Arab Region” in Cairo, Egypt during May 25-26, 2016.
The workshop organized by UNESCO Regional Bureau for Sciences in the Arab States- Cario (UCO), aims at formulating a joint vision and outlines of a master plan for the effective activation and deployment of science and knowledge for achieving the SDG in the Arab region.
The interactive workshop will identify the major responsibilities and roles of stakeholders including the potential role of UCO in advancing the science/knowledge and SDG agenda in the Arab region.
The workshop sessions include identification of the major knowledge and sciences challenges related to the implementation of the SDGs; development of matrix of relevance and priorities for science/knowledge and SDG targets in the Arab region; governance of the regional Arab science and knowledge.
The two-day workshop comprises participants from selected regional and international experts; representatives of UN and regional organization; regional stakeholders including private sector; NGOs and partners from academia and research circles.
For more information on the workshop, please visit this page