Young Water Scientist Partnerships

Do you have an innovative research idea that would make an impact on the water sector in the Middle East and North Africa?
Researcher in laboratory.
YWSP recipient Dr. Abu Ghunmi in her laboratory at the University of Jordan.

Young Water Scientist Partnerships (YWSP) small grants are designed to have a concrete impact in the water sector. Research projects must address a policy, operational, technical, or managerial issue identified by stakeholders in government, business, NGOs, or civil society. They must also address one or more of MENA NWC’s priority research areas: 

  • Water Efficiency and Productivity
  • Groundwater
  • Non-Conventional Water
  • Water, Energy, Food Nexus
  • Water and Sanitation

YWSP small grants build strong partnerships between (1) research scientists from two different Centers who are between the ages of 21 and 40 at the time of award, or (2) between a young scientist and a research team that has received funding through the Policy, Research and Development (PR&D) grants program. 
A funding pool of US $250,000 is available for YWSP small grants. Applicants have two options to apply for funding:

Option 1: Scientists from two different Centers can seek a maximum of $50,000 in funding to collaborate on a joint research project.

Option 2: One research scientist can seek a maximum of $25,000 to join an established research team that is currently receiving funding through the Network’s Policy, Research, and Development (PR&D) Grants Program.

YWSP Annual Program Statement

YWSP Technical Proposal Outline - Option 1

YWSP Technical Proposal Outline - Option 2

YWSP Cost Proposal Outline

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