Report: Stronger Links in the Water Sector are Needed

Updated Date: 
29 February 2016

“The MENA NWC research agenda should go beyond exploring technology and engineering solutions and include the policy, economic, financial, and social dimensions of decision-making for managing and developing water resources and associated services,” a recently released report indicates.

The report, “Highlights of the First Biennial Congress Optimizing Water Management in a Changing World,” was developed by the MENA NWC to document its first biennial Congress, Optimizing Water Management in a Changing World, conducted in Muscat, Oman, November 9–11, 2015.  (For more information on the Congress click here).

The report includes discussions and recommendations for future research and development; activities of the network; financial and institutional challenges facing MENA NWC; a summary of the Congress proceeding, participant reactions and responses to presentations and questions; and country-specific issues and lessons learned.

According to the report, donors, government officials, and representatives from the private sector, and network affiliates shared their assessments with participating scientists about the need for stronger links in the water sector. “Participants suggested that the network should promote multi-country and multidisciplinary research to enhance the regional features of the network,” the report revealed.

The report summarizes the financial and institutional challenges facing MENA NWC: “The next phase will be a multi-donor partnership with the network’s national and regional centers to enhance scientific foundations, and strengthen links between research, policy, and capacity building.”

To read the full report, click here.